Our products

Our company manufactures and delivers rehabilitation aids and special furniture for the handicapped, including accessories. We strive to accommodate all those who need individual adjustments by manufacturing "tailor-made" aids, if required.  We also provide counselling, mail-order service and we engage in recycling and guarantee and post-guarantee repairs.

We have contracts to deliver aids made with all national health insurance companies. The aids and devices are supplied against vouchers (see menu item “Vouchers”).

Delivery period: 1 – 4 weeks


Rehabilitation Buggy REVO 2

Rehabilitation Buggy REVO 1 with Firm Wheels

Rehabilitation buggy REVO 1 with Castor Wheels

Transport Rehabuggy for Children and Adults TONY

Transport Rehabuggy for Children and Adults MATĚJ

Double Rehabilitation Buggy Ferdík

Individually Adjustable Pram for Transport of Lying Patients

Positioning Device for Children KUBA 1

Positioning Device for Children KUBA 2

Rolling Chair for Children KLÁRKA

Vertically Adjustable School Chair  ADAM

Vertically Adjustable School Chair EVA

 Chair for Seniors Type ZDISLAVA

 Chair for Seniors Type ZDISLAVA-E   

Positioning Desktop UNI

Vertically and Angularly Adjustable Positioning Desktop PÉŤA


Universal Walker for Children LOJZÍK

Adjustable Crib Julka 150

Adjustable Crib Julka 170

Instructional Bed Renata

Baby Bed Katka

Toddler Playpen

 Bathtub Deckchair Repo 01

Positioning Deckchair for Children Repo 02

Toilet Chair MILA-COMBI

Positioning Adapter for Children MILA

Positioning Device – Adjustable and Mobile Vertical Positioning Stand Type MIREK for Children and Adults

Fixation Vest REVO UNI

Headrest REVO UNI

Fastening Fourpoint Belt

Wedge Between Legs

Sitting Supportive System

Rehabilitation Swing for Handicapped Children MÍŠA


Hanging Textile Bag

Shopping Basket under Baby Pram

Foot-muff „Slída”

Foot Warmer for Children „Fusak”

Foot Warmer for Adults „Fusak”

Swimming Jacket for Handicapped Children