JULKA is an adjustable crib designed mainly for handicapped children. It is used not only for home care  but also in hospitals and medical centres. By its construction it enables good access from all sides. It has an all-metal construction. The crib has several adjustable positions. To order the crib, there are several positioning versions to choose from. The positioning modes make it possible to use the crib as a special examination couch.


In order to eject legs, incline the whole bed to certain positions; this is important for heavily handicapped children who need such changes of position. Headrest inclination is useful, above all, for asthmatic children who also cannot remain all the time in horizontal position. Sidewalls prevent the child from tumbling over. Both can be lowered down vertically. For safety reasons, after lowering, the side part stays approximately 250 mm above the mattress.

The cribs can also be adjusted individually, e.g. the side opening etc. -  as needed by the patient and as agreed with the care assistant. For higher security, elevation of sidewalls can be ordered, including  special locks against lowering. The lowering can be single-sided or both-sided (the first option offers higher solid stiffness of the crib). 

The mattress is antiallergenic and supports correct anatomical body posture. It is not a part of the crib; it has its own separate code stipulated by the health care insurance company.

There are two versions available - cloth or washable versions - and they may be ordered without any price difference.

The cot is available in two sizes:   a) 1500 mm           b) 1700 mm

The surface of the construction is finished by means of environmental-friendly powder colours. A wide range of colours is available. The whole cot is washable by common detergents and disinfectants.    



Bearing capacity

55 kg

Cot weight

45 kg

Height of sidewalls

800 mm

Height of mattress

80 mm

Height of cot from the ground, incl. mattress

650 mm

Surface treatment

Ecological varnish - optional colour versions

Length in two sizes

Size 1

1500 mm

Size 2

1700 mm

Dimensions of bed surface

Julka 150

1500 mm x 800 mm

Julka 170

1700 mm x 800 mm


Head positioning

2 castor wheels with a brake, 50 mm diam.

One-colour version


Leg positioning on bed


Ejecting legs on crib construction


2 castor wheels with a brake, 50 mm diam.


Bedding basket


Multicolour version






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