There are patients – both children and adults – who cannot sit down in any buggy or pram and have to lie down in bed. It is exactly this type of patients that this pram is designed for. The patient lies on an anti-allergic mattress (if needed, with a cleat under his head) having elevated plastic upholstered edgings around him (to protect him against bruises, contusions or undesirable injuries).

The pram is very easy to use. Both sidewalls are lowerable (see picture below) and include a lock against spontaneous release. The height of the bed (as well as other dimensions) can be adjusted in such a way so that, after the sidewall is lowered, the patient is smoothly shifted to the pram and then the sidewall is closed again. Holders to affix sunshades are located at opposite corners of the pram, thanks to which the patient can feel like lying in a garden bed which has a beneficial effect on his mind. Front castor wheels are of a larger diameter to enable very easy handling. Rear wheels are equipped with a brake.

The pram is used mainly in Social Care Institutes for lying patients and receives very good evaluation.



Total length

as requested

Total height

as requested

Bearing capacity

85 kg


c. 35 kg

Firm wheel diameter

310 mm

Castor wheel diameter

200 mm

Surface treatment

Ecological varnish - optional colour versions




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