for Handicapped Children MÍŠA



This aid serves to train small patients to remain in vertical position and, with rhythmic swinging, children also train their balance and three-dimensional orientation. This opens a new view for the child and encourages them to progress with rehabilitation as well as induces complete relaxation. The product also expands rehabilitation and relaxation potential even for completely non-vertical patients who would otherwise depend merely on positioning within a buggy or on a mat (i.e. on the ground, on bed, etc.)

The swing won the “Aid of the Year” prize at the IX International Trade Fair REHAPROTEX held in Brno in November 2000, following a survey between visitors.

The child is secured in the swing by means of a horizontal bar, a wedge between legs and fastening H-belts.

The swing consists of all-laminate anatomical seat, soft-upholstered and reinforced metal frame enabling safe swinging of children up to 65 kg of weight. Total weight of the swing incl. rope: 5.5 kg. The inclination of the seat of the swing is adjustable by means of suspension rope.




Fastening fourpoint belt

Wedge between legs

Safety horizontal bar

Suspension rope 8 m, attested for such purposes

Suspension rings


Fixation vest REVO UNI

Headrest REVO UNI

Vertically and horizontally adjustable head rest

Leg rest





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