for Children and Adults




It is a compensation aid designed for immobile persons (children and adults of height from 105 cm to 190 cm and a weight up to 125 kg), who are not able to remain standing by themselves for various reasons (orthopaedic defects, neurological disorders, etc.). If vertical position is indicated for the patient and the patient cannot remain in such a position by himself, the device ensures fixation of legs (feet can be strained in all directions independently), fixation of the pelvis, chest and head and enables the patient to involve his arms actively in various activities by himself  in a stable and safe vertical position. The device is especially suitable for children with indicated vertical position and who have not experienced this position due to their handicap – children with child’s cerebral palsy. Last but not least, vertical position has beneficial effects on correct function and development of intra-thoracic and intra-abdominal organs.

The construction of the device is predominantly made of metal, of thin-walled steel pipes and profiles. The seat, lumbar rest, side rests, knee rests, abdomen support, backrest, chest support and headrest  are upholstered, covered with leatherette; the footrest and desktop are wooden, varnished. The underframe of the stand has four castor wheels equipped with pressure brakes. Variable fastening elements are fixed by adjusting screws with control metal levers. The stand supports a desktop that can be adjusted and positioned to suit patient’s needs.



Base plate dimensions

1160 x 690 mm

Total height

1300 x 2000 mm

Height of the swivelling stand top end

1000 – 1350 mm

Base plate height above floor level

140 – 400 mm

Seat support height

500 – 750 mm

Column height

900 mm


48.50 kg

Bearing capacity

125 kg

Column tilt (by means of gas brace)


Tilt of the pressure plate

+/- 14°

Underframe height above floor level

100 mm

Wheel diameter

75 mm

Surface treatment

Ecological varnish - optional colour versions available




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