The device is a multipurpose positioning deckchair. It is used mainly to wash your child in the bath-tub.  In combination with a desktop, it also provides appropriately arranged children’s “workplace” in playrooms or schoolrooms, etc.

It is made of POP material: it does not get rusty, it does not produce scratches on the bathtub and, naturally, it is safe from the health point of view. 

It is furnished with a tab to allow being hung above the bathtub. There are belts by means of which you can fix a restless child and, thanks to this, you can also use the chair for other purposes, e.g. to sit or have a rest in the room, in the garden or at the swimming pool.

The setup is very easy.  The head part of the legrest and backrest has control mechanisms (pins) on both sides. By pressing both pins at the same time, the locking mechanism is released and by moving the rest up or down, the position of the back rest or leg rest is easily adjusted.

After use, the deckchair should be washed with lukewarm water and left to get dry. If the polypropylene tubes get dirty, wipe them with a wet cloth.



Deckchair base

370 x 690 mm

Rest height

600 mm

Seat length

300 mm

Bearing capacity

35 kg


5 kg



Optional Accessories:

Positioning Desktop UNI





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