Universal walker for children type LOJZÍK is designed as a compensation aid for immobile children to train walking, to keep balance and maintain correct body posture under supervision. Children with limited mobility or  children who are unable to walk independently are thus alleviated from their handicap. It is very easy to operate the walker in all directions and the child can move on its own under mere supervision by the child minder. Leaning on lumbar and underarm supports, the child cannot tumble over and has to remain in correct, i.e. upright position, within its abilities. This also enhances its self-confidence. As soon as the child gets tired, its knees drop and the child sits down in a textile seat (pants) where it is firmly seated and may take a short rest.

The walker has an all-metal construction made of  thin-wall pipes, it is vertically adjustable by means of three levers and has a wide range of use:
Small walker – from c 80 cm to 110 cm of child’s height
Big walker – from c. 110 cm to 175 cm of child’s height

A textile, the so-called supporting, seat is hanging from the upper frame of the walker.
The rest on the back side of the upper frame can be opened to provide for easier access of the child into the walker.

To be able to supply the right size of the walker, it is recommended to indicate your child’s height. The walker was tested at the university hospital in Olomouc and in several other medical facilities for handicapped youth where it received very good assessment.

If ordered, the so called corset may be “tailor-made” to accompany the device; the corset goes round the whole chest of the child or so called interleg upholstered area that prevents legs from getting crossed while walking. Moreover, the walker can be furnished by large wheels that are suitable for rough outside terrain and with elbow rests with vertical grasp.



Support frame width

580 mm

Support frame length

730 mm

Height - small walker

660–860 mm

Height - big walker

810–1100 mm


10 kg

Bearing capacity

50 kg

Wheel diameter

75 mm

Surface treatment

Ecological varnish - optional colour versions


Underarm rests

Lumbar rests

Textile seat (pants)


The so-called tailor-made corset

Interleg upholstered area

Large wheels for rough terrain

Elbow rest with vertical grasp





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