The chair serves to secure correct sitting posture for children and pupils with children’s cerebral palsy – especially for quadrispastics, diparetics and hemiparetics. It is also helpful for pupils with spinal defects, corset therapy and for post-traumatic states.


The chair is manufactured in two versions:
size A – children aged 3 - 12 years (children up to the height of 150 cm)
size B – children aged 12 years to adult age (over 150 cm)

The chair has all-metal construction incorporating a surface treatment by Ekolak varnish. It is upholstered and equipped with four castor wheels of 75 mm diameter for easy movement, two rear wheels are furnished with a brake.

Correct sitting position for the above stated disabilities is enabled by:
1. Height and depth adjustable seat
2. Height and angle adjustable backrest
3. Side and height adjustable armrests incl. tilting to facilitate easier sitting position
4. Height, length and angle adjustable leg rest
5. Adjustable leg wedge 

If requested, the following can be supplied as extra supplements:
A. Add vertically and horizontally adjustable head rest (not reimbursed by health insurance companies),
B. Add a safety horizontal bar
C. Adjust leg rest in order to fix feet
D. Make lumbar fixation

E. Furnish the support frame with firm and castor wheels to enable riding on uneven terrain




c. 12 kg

Bearing capacity

75 kg

Total max. height

1100 mm

Total max. width

750 mm

Layout length of chair

750 mm

Height of seat from the ground min.

350 mm

Height of seat from the ground max.

620 mm

Seat depth A:

250-380 mm

Seat depth B:

390-520 mm

Backrest height

400 mm

Distance of arm supports

280-480 mm (vertically 210 – 270 mm)

Surface treatment

Ecological varnish - optional colour versions



Upholstered seat and back rest

Leg wedge

Leg rest

Arm rests

4 castor wheels of 75 mm diameter, 2 out of them with a brake


Fastening fourpoint belt

Fixation vest REVO UNI

Positioning desktop UNI

Adjustable positioning desktop PÉŤA

Horizontally and vertically adjustable headrest

Safety horizontal bar

Hip fixation

Feet fixation

Heel rest

Support frame with large firm and castor wheels






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