This cot is of lower, all-metal, welded and non-positioning construction, without rear bed-head. It is used in various facilities (day-care hospitals, special care institutes, schools, mental hospitals, medical institutions for locomotive disorder treatment). Last but not least, it can also be used in home care. First, the cot is designed to teach children to move independently; it has no rear bed-head (in order to enable the child to go e.g. to the toilet without assistance). While taking a rest the child cannot fall out of the cot. The cot has elevated sidewalls. The surface is treated by Ekolak varnish in a wide spectrum of colours. The cot is equipped with an antiallergenic mattress with either cloth or washable surface without any price difference.


Bearing capacity

55 kg

Cot weight

21 kg

Bed-head height

750 mm

Sidewall height

400 mm

Length a)

1250 mm

Length b)

1500 mm

Length c)

1700 mm

Length d)

1900 mm


800 mm

Mattress height

80 mm

Surface treatment

Ecological varnish - optional colour versions


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